10. March 2020 91 humans probably drowned

On Saturday, February 8th, around 91 people set off on a black rubber boat from Libya to head north. The next morning they were in distress. Alarmphone tried to initiate a rescue operation for hours, but the authorities in Malta, Italy and Libya ignored the emergency. The contact with the people broke off.
On February 19th, an inflatable boat was found in a position similar to that of the missing boat. A little later, the IOM statet that the missing boat could not be linked to any of the recent search and rescue operations by Malta, Italy, Libya or the NGOs.
Alarmphone is in contact with the relatives of the 91 people. They still hope and fear, although there is no sign of survival. The clarification of the case is particularly difficult because Italy and Malta persistently remain silent. As of this week, the IOM has officially included the 91 people in its list of more than 20,000 people drowned and lost in the Mediterranean. 
Our sympathy and our thoughts are with the families and friends of the missing and drowned people. Many of them live in uncertainty, being unable to say goodbye and to find closure. Our anger goes to a Nobel Peace Prize winner for whom the random place of birth of a person determines their value, whether their life is worth saving. Let’s turn anger into solidarity and vocal protest!