29. July 2020 5 deaths at Europe’s border

According to media reports, two people drowned in different boat accidents on Sunday, four are still missing. At the same time, several boats were in distress in European rescue zones and were not rescued for days, although European authorities were informed. One such boat, with 95 people on board, had been at sea for 33 hours before Maltese authorities initiated a rescue.
Now the IOM, a UN organisation, reported that 3 refugees were shot dead in Tripoli by EU-backed militias. They had previously been rescued from distress in the Mediterranean Sea by Libyan boats and were to be taken back to detention camps in Libya. 
While Malta and Italy are again training themselves to deliberately ignore maritime emergencies, Italy has also detained the Sea-Watch 3 and the Ocean Viking. In Germany, the Ministry of Transportation has amended a regulation to ensure that three rescue ships will not be allowed to operate for the foreseeable future.
It is clear that this has unfortunately become “everyday life”, but we must never get used to this reality. It is up to all of us to fight for every human life, to support rescue organisations, to fight for safe passage and reception. We all are the SEEBRÜCKE!