23. April 2020 44 organizations demand: state reception program for refugees in Berlin now

In an open letter together with 43 other organisations, SEEBRÜCKE calls on the Berlin government to develop and implement a state reception programme for refugees from the Greek camps as soon as possible.
As early as December 2019, Berlin agreed to take in 70 unaccompanied minors and has shown itself open to accepting further groups in need of special protection, such as single mothers, families with children, chronically ill, traumatised and old people. This has not yet been realised.
Berlin must now emphatically demand the immediate approval of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. If the Ministry gives its approval, Berlin must be prepared to begin the admission process immediately; if it refuses, Berlin must consider legal action against the Ministry.
As a civil society, we are prepared to support the admission of refugees both through our contacts with Greek civil society organisations active on the ground and through initiatives in Berlin to support the integration of refugees.
You can find the whole open letter here.