8. January 2020 2020 begins with drownings off European coasts

The past year is over, the new year will continue in the same way.
According to Missing Migrants, 16 people have already died in the first 8 days of the new year while fleeing across the Mediterranean. The number of unreported cases might be much higher, because only confirmed cases appear in the statistics.
In the same period in 2019, 17 deaths were proven – in other words, nothing has changed.
The EU has continued to train the so-called Libyan coast guard, talked endlessly about European solutions or organised a meeting of ministers of the interior in Malta – the situation for people fleeing across the Mediterranean has not improved at all, in Libya the situation is getting worse.
People take the dangerous route across the Mediterranean because they have no alternatives. They are fleeing from war, lack of resources, exploitation, climate change or other inhumane circumstances. Every person who dares to take this dangerous route reminds us to change this policy of isolation and exclusion.
More rescue at sea, more perspectives, more solidarity!