8. January 2021 16-year-old dies of tuberculosis and hunger in Libya

A 16-year-old boy from Somalia died of tuberculosis and hunger in Tripoli in Libya, and a 14-year-old boy could no longer walk on his own due to hunger and could only be taken to a hospital by cab thanks to donations.

Not only is the situation catastrophic in the many torture camps where thousands of refugees, often intercepted at sea, are stuck, but also for people who are left homeless. Many live in the worst conditions, exposed to hunger, disease, murder and enslavement without protection.

Although Europe and Germany have known about the situation in the civil war country of Libya for years, European money and military equipment continue to flow into the country. The goal of the EU states is to keep refugees from fleeing. The fact that refugees in Libya are subjected to the worst imaginable conditions is of no concern to Seehofer and Co. We must fight this year to fundamentally change asylum policy – whether it’s camps in Greece or the Balkans, or the situation in the Mediterranean. The approach of deterrence and isolation is not tolerable, we must move towards a policy of reception and human rights!