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Weekly Meeting in the Kreativ:Labor, Bahnhofstraße 11 in Oldenburg on Tuesday evenings at 19 pm https://www.kreativ-labor.org/


Become a bridge builder – Donate Humanity

Donate humanity and support the SEEBRÜCKE with your donation – get a SEEBRÜCKE ship as a bright orange shining sign of support! In addition there is a flyer from us on which you can enter your donation and find further information about the work of the SEEBRÜCKE. From a donation of nine euros you get this sign for a solidary Europe.

Sign up: oldenburg@seebruecke.org


Statement of the SEEBRÜCKE on the Malta Agreement and the current EU migration policy



New study on the subject of “pull factor


About us

We are a group of people who have been advocating for safe refugee and migration routes since August 2018. We consider ourselves a part of the international movement “Seabridge – create safe harbors”. We organize public happenings and events to try and change the border and migration policies of European countries and the EU. We oppose the repressive system of current German policy containing among other things bureaucratic harassment against migrants, racist police checks and deportation to crisis areas. We want to emphasize that the European lifestyle and economic system is a cause for suffering and a lack of perspective that is forcing people to flee. Them looking for a better future to provide and hopefully share with their families is directly linked to Europe destroying the basis of existence in the global South and it is not legitimate to reject people and let them die just to protect ones privileges and wealth. We want a solidary Europe and these are our claims:

1. The States of Europe have to work together to create a humane distribution of refugees and grant every single one a fair procedure under the rule of law, a fair chance for the examination of applications for shelter and protection from deportation. The Dublin-Verfahren (Dublin procedure) does not guarantee the responsibility of shared solidarity.

2. We neither want a relocation of the european external borders nor inhuman isolation and deterrence policy in North Africa! The right to leave any country must be respected. Supporting the “Libyan Coast Guards” means knowingly assisting in violating the human rights of refugees

3. German and European politicans shall take more account of their fundamental values and ideas and refrain from discriminating and inhuman statements.For a more humane refugee and migration policy!

4. The City of Oldenburg shall join the alliance “Städte Sicherer Häfen” (cities of safe havens) and communicate actively and publicly the willingness to take in refugees rescued at seaThe contact person for the coordination of the alliance is the Mayor of Potsdam, Mike Schubert.

5. The City of Oldenburg has to urge the Ministry of Interior affairs of Lower Saxony to actively seek to place refugees rescued at sea into willingly welcoming municipalities and communities.(According to an agreement between the federal government and the provinces [10])


Sea rescue instead of border control! Ferries and accommodation programmes instead of isolation! Safe and legal escape and migration routes!



Join us

Seabridge Oldenburg has a weekly meeting in the Kreativ:LABOR in a house called Kulturetage, Bahnhofsstr. 11, 26122 Oldenburg, www.kreativ-labor.org on Tuesday evenings at 19 pm . If you are interested  just come by and we’d be happy to introduce ourselves to you. The weekly meeting is mainly for planning events and activities and deciding which ones we currently want to work on (this is why we call it our ‘Organizational Meeting’). Our group bases decisions on agreements and consent. There are various opportunities to actively get involved – depending on time and energy ressources of each person – we adapt the amount of events we organise and it is completely fine for us when people take breaks, only get involved occasionally, or don’t come to every or any meeting but participate in events. We appreciate any form of support!

Some examples of what we’ve been doing so far:

For example: several flash mobs in the city centre and in the city council meeting, two film screenings in cooperation with the Cine k (another film series on the causes of flight starts in April), our own demonstration in Oldenburg and joint travel to demonstatrions and events in other cities.

Various meetings for networking and crafting demonstration material, and Oldenburg’s declaration by the city council of a “safe harbour”.

In addition, through various spontaneous interventions (memorials for missing people, theatre actions or thematically decorated statues) we have repeatedly tried to draw attention to the ongoing human rights violations in the Mediterranean.

We organize public gatherings, panel discussions and lantern processions and are very happy about every creative new idea for action, so that there is something for all motivated people to get involved.






This was 2019 with the Seebrücke Oldenburg! We’ll see each other in 2020, because we fear that there will be a lot to do again in the next year.


December 16th – We keep on going and will not be silent with the AfD in the city council! We continuously stay present at each meeting and we vigilantly monitor the activities of the AfD members of the parliament.


December 14th – Information desks, information desks, information desks: 10:00am: We are in the city centre and brave storm and rain for the good cause / 4:00pm: On it goes in the CineK and with silk-screen printing at the event of Iuventa 10 “Solidarity is not a crime” / from 10:00pm on, we join the official FeineSahneFischFilet aftershow party (solidarity for Iuventa 10) in the Polyester club.


December, 7 / 8 – Interregional meeting of the Seebrücke – In order that a nationwide cooperation of Seebrücke can continue to succeed, people from all over Germany are coming together in Hanover this weekend. There they discuss, plan and exchange ideas.


December, 7 – Start of our donation campaign – “Build bridges. Donate humanity”. We are here with our info stand in the city centre of Oldenburg, packed with lots of information and little boats.


September, 25 – City council meeting in Oldenburg – we say NO to racism, fascism and antisemitism! During the session we set a sign for humanity with our banner.


November 14, 2019 – We participated in in “Rethink Populism” with “Migration Matters”. Seebrücke Oldenburg introduced itself during the event has met the EMMIR-program (European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations).


November 9, 2019 – “Updrein an de Utfahrt” – festival. We live solidarity and, together with Sören Moje from Sea-Watch, join this great event with an information stand.


November 5, 2019 – Moje from Sea-Watch and Elena from Seebrücke Oldenburg are invited at the school KGS Rastede. Together with the students’ “Working group for the peace” they present in the auditorium the situation of civil sea-rescue in the Mediterranean Sea, and discuss the political background and possibilities to get personally active.


Oktober 26, 2019 – On a central event day of the nationwide Seebrücke-movement, Seebrücke Oldenburg takes a stand against inhumane treatment of refugees. Centralized deportation authorities make integration impossible and violate human dignity.


October 20th, 2019 – Running against the dying in the Mediterranean – Today was the annual marathon in Oldenburg. Seebrücke sent three supporters to the 10km run and was represented by the trio in orange with a lot of verve. With signs and matching t-shirts we joined the many other athletes.


October 9th, 2019  “Day of Opportunities” at the Jade University – we were invited and were happy to come and introduce our concern.


October 2019 – Solidarity from Oldenburg with the Alarm Phone Bremen! With our film series “Aus//sen//grenzen” (External Borders//Exclusion) we have collected donations, from which we are happy to give 100€ to our friends from Alarm Phone Bremen: https://alarmphone.org/en/


September 28th and 29th, 2019 Two days, 13 hours, the heads smoked. We discussed, reflected and planned.


September 20th and 26th, 2019 Film series ” Aus//sen//grenzen” was moving. Special thanks and respect to our guest Sekou Cisse, who told us his story after watching the film “Les Sauteurs – Those who jump” together.


September 20th, 2019 Global climate strike – 11,000 people march on the streets in Oldenburg. Seebrücke Oldenburg supports FFF with stewards and informs about our concern.


September 14th, 2019 Human Rights Day in Oldenburg – Human rights are not negotiable and that’s what we have spoken up for this Saturday, with an information stand and a run through the city centre. With Ibis, Amnesty International, ÖZO, Radio Global…



September 7th, 2019 Bicycle demonstration in Oldenburg “Mobility for all”- Seebrücke demands free mobility for everyone everywhere and is cycling with the protest. Together with 1500 other cyclists we cause traffic jams and therefore time for reflection.


25.8.2019 “No one is illegal”- we demand humanely policies for everyone.


23./24.8.2019 Party time and fund raising for Seawatch at the “Kill the plastic smile festival”. Sea bridge Oldenburg and Seawatch will be at the festival with a lot of information.


There is a lot to do!


In the fight for justice in this world we come together. #wearemore


6.7.2019 One year Sea bridge and we have an accute emergency of humanity! At Julius-Mosen-Platz we invited the public to get informed about it. On this day 40 000 people in 100 cities took to the streets to make a statement.


Juni 2019 – Sea bridge also comes to schools if wanted and presents an information stand at the Rudolf Steiner school Oldenburg


15.6.2019 CSD in Oldenburg –  We feel connected and supportive and take part with a bike ship.


24.5.2019 Fridaysforfuture in Oldenburg


May 23rd – Muslam. Poetry Slam with music. Seebrücke Oldenburg report about their work and activism. Afterwards we joined the program of the evening with an own performance.


19.5.2019 „A Europe for everyone“ – Seabridge Oldenburg protest among thousands of people in Hamburg


13.5.2019 First networking meet up of the Sea Bridges Northwest


May 8th – Panel discussion on the European elections. Together with IBIS e.V. we have invited interesting speakers, and there were exchange of ideas and discussions with the audience.


1.5.2019 We are at the Alhambra street festival and spread information about the next protest: A Europe for everyone.


30.4.2019 Rock against Fascism – Sea bridge Oldenburg has an information and crafts stand and sell many solidarity cocktails.

April 4th – May 21st Filmseries “Perspectives on flight”: we show three movies in the CineK around the topic of flight: “Enjoy Poverty” / “Keinheimatfilm” / “Die Mission der Lifeline”


28.4.2019 Hamburg – Hear nothing, See nothing, Say nothing! We stand up against it!


24.4.2019 We craft together in preparation for the next happening.



15.3.2019 Support for Fridaysforfuture because climate change also forces a lot of people to flee their country.



22.2.2019 Action Week #Freetheships


26.1.2019 Action Day #OpenThePorts




11.12.2018 Our podium panel „Do human rights have limitations“ is a great success.


10.12.2018 Sea bridge and other great people will take a lantern and light procession through the inner city of Oldenburg.


We craft and paint together


25.10.2018 Countrywide and together with other Sea Bridges we commemorate the dead of the Mediterranean Sea.


27./28.10.2018 Together with many citizens of Oldenburg and a good idea we stand up against the AFD


13.10.2018 We commemorate the dead of the Mediterranean Sea with a walk through Oldenburg and putting up crosses for them.


29.9.2018 Welcome United –Oldenburg is there


21.9.2018 Big Sea bridge protest through Oldenburg


2.9.2018 Sea bridge protests in Hamburg


Let´s color Oldenburg orange


18.8.2018 Flashmob on Lambertimarkt