Lingen declares its solidarity too. We won’t look the other way while thousands of people are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s stand up for a better and more humane Europe.

After a second attempt the city council of  Lingen voted unanounimisly for the resolution „Lingen as a safe harbour” on 24th of Octobre. Next to more than 120 cities in Germany and more than 25 cities in Lower Saxony, Lingen is now a safe harbour. This means, that the city declares its solidarity to refugees, it is fighting for their rights and is against the isolationist European migration policy.

Are you interested in joining the Seebrücken organization? Are you following what’s going on in the Mediterranean and wondering what you can do personally? Or you just want to know what we do and plan in the local group for Lingen? Don’t hestitate to write us and join the movement!