Lingen shows its solidarity too. We cannot look the other way while thousands of people are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately the request „Seebrücke – Schafft sichere Häfen“ that was submitted to the city council by the party Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, was rejected on September 27th, 2018 with 22 votes against and 11 votes. ( You can find the protocol here:

Beginning of November 2018 the „action-group“ SEEBRÜCKE Lingen was founded by some individuals. Meanwhile an „organisation-/ local-politics-group“ established, which includes representatives of Lingen’s civil society as well as representatives of the party landscape. This „organisation-/ local-politics-group“ exists next to the „action-group“ that continues planning and performing different actions on the theme.

We want to give an impetus to rethink the negative decision about the request „Lingen als Sicherer Hafen“ and to raise bigger awareness for the topic in Lingen’s civil society.
The question whether to rescue people from life-threatening situations can only have one answer!