SEEBRÜCKE Hamburg was founded in summer 2018. Dying on the Mediterranean must stop. The practice of isolation and deliberate dying at the EU’s external border contradicts all principles of humanity and human rights.

It is time to get up and say NO to the refusal of help and YES to sea rescue and safe escape routes! No one can say that they did not know what was going on. Dying in the Mediterranean happens through our governments, in our name. Become a part of the SEEBRÜCKE and fight together with us for this:
Free passage for all ships of the non-governmental rescue organisations.
Immediate stop of the criminalisation of sea rescue and the trials against rescuers.
Safe escape routes and open borders for people in need.
The right to life in dignity and security for all people.

The SEEBRÜCKE Hamburg meets regularly every 14 days on Thursdays for their activists meetings and is always looking forward to new people.

Here you can find more information.