Make Altdorf a Safe Harbor!

On 28.2.19 the proposal to declare Altdorf a SAFE Harbor was rejected by the CSU and the FW/UNA in the Altdorf city council with a majority of 2 votes.
The proposal was submitted by the SPD and the Greens. The Seebrücke Altdorf has in the forefront with many actions and events put the topic in Altdorf into the consciousness of the citizens*. 10 % of the women from Altdorf supported the application with their signatures.
But we are not giving up!
Altdorf will have be a Safe Harbor!


For years, people in the Mediterranean have been drowning on the run – women, men, children!
In the last three years, private rescue organisations have saved thousands of refugees in distress from drowning.

Since June 2018, they have been hindered in this life-saving mission:

their ships are no longer allowed to leave or are confiscated.
Crew members are personally charged and even threatened with imprisonment.

Here, ethical and legal values are reversed.

Sea rescue is one of the most important human achievements.

Questioning them speaks against any humanity.

We do not and must not allow people to die at our borders in order to further isolate Europe.