Large assemblies are irresponsible in times of the corona pandemic. In our #LeaveNoOneBehind-ActionKit you can find out how we can remain loud and active while staying at home.

#LeaveNoOneBehind-ActionKit der Seebrücke Bonn

Seebrücke is an open Movement

In Bonn Seebrücke stands for the rescue of people in distress at sea and the effective overcoming of causes of flight. The group is supported by different actors of civil society, by sea rescue and other non-governmental organizations, political parties and party youth organizations, confessional groups and associations, political and student-based groups as well as active individuals.

Our Motivation

For years more and more people are dying in the Mediterranean. They die during their flight to Europe, while trying to escape war, exploitation, persecution, poverty, lack of perspective and sexual violence in their countries of origin. The member states of the European Union answer with an inhuman policy of isolation in the form of border control and stop of acceptance of new residents. International law obliges these states to safe and rescue. Instead of attending their duty, they criminalize civil search and rescue. Although the European Union images itself as alliance, that is solidary and respectful of human rights and has the potential and capacities to challenge problems, it is recently showing a non-solidary migration policy.

Our Demands

We campaign for the realization of the current law by the European states; to safe people from drowning and demand the decriminalization of private sea rescue. Refugees need safe passages and safe harbors! We demand an effective coping with the reasons for flight, because every human being has the right for a life in peace and dignity. At the same time we demand a strengthening of the right of asylum and fair, constitutional asylum procedures for everyone. We want all European states to solidary accommodate refugees respectively a solidary distribution of refugees among the member states of the European Union.

What we do

We organize protests, pickets, information desks, events and proposals. Our engagement is diverse and open for more ideas. We meet regular to plan, discuss and network. Stand up for sea rescue with us!


Open organization meeting

every two weeks mondays 7pm in „Alte VHS“, Kasernenstraße 50, Bonn

Contact us: