For the rights of refugees and #freecarola

Nationwide demonstrations on 06.07. for the rights of refugees and #freecarola

Info in english, turkish, spanish, farsi, french, italian and arabic here.

Carola Rackete, the captain of the Sea Watch, declared a state of emergency on board of the Sea-Watch 3 and after being blocked for more than two weeks she went on her own into Italian waters. Carola Rackete did the only right thing: she saved lives, shows attitude and defends human rights. We have to do the same! We call for nationwide demonstrations for the rights of refugees and #freecarola! on July 6.

Currently, every sixth person drowns during the escape attempt over the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, sea rescuers are being punished for saving human lives: Italian authorities arrested Captain Carola Rackete on the night of docking and confiscated the “Sea Watch 3”.

We say: Humanity is attacked, it is time to act. We declare a state of Emergency of Humanity!

We declare a state of emergency of humanity and go on the street on the 06th of July!

Demonstrations and actions are already planned in the following cities (will be added continuously):