19.05.2019 um 12:00 in Hamburg, Rathausmarkt Your Voice against Nationalism – Mass demonstrations in European cities: Hamburg

Hamburg, Rathausmarkt, 12 Uhr

We call for the mass demonstrations under the slogan “One Europe for All –  Your Voice against Nationalism!”, because we advocate an entirely different vision of Europe that is not identical with the today’s EU:

Our call for the demonstrations on 19 May is a call for protest and resistance: against right-wing parties, their racism and nationalism as well as the politics of the EU.

In particular, we want to take it to the streets together with those who are deprived of their right to vote both in Germany and the EU and are subject to state and society racism. Because democracy must not be simply reduced to election cycles, and the change for the better can’t happen top-down.

The external borders of the European Union are a mass grave. Tens of thousands have died trying to  reach Europe to seek shelter from war, persecution and destitution. The death toll in the Mediterranean is no unavoidable tragedy, but a result of a calculated deterrence policy of letting people die. The obstruction and criminalization of the volunteer-based sea rescue is just the tip of the iceberg of this inhumane policy.

The European Union celebrates itself for its alleged commitment to peace and human rights. We believe, however, that there is nothing to celebrate in light of the massive death toll in the Mediterranean  and the EU’s shared responsibility for global causes of flight: the responsibility arising from arms exports, trade policy that increases poverty in the Global South, or inaction on the climate crisis. The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, received by the EU, should have been shamefully given back a long time ago.

Not the rise of the fascist and right-wing parties in many European countries is responsible for the Europe becoming a fortress at which walls people drown on a daily basis. It is exactly the opposite: it was the establishment parties that are responsible for the decades of isolationist migration policy and the decades of antisocial, neo-liberal policy at the cost of the majority. They were the ones who laid breeding ground for the baiting of Orban, Salvini, Le Pen and Gauland to thrive.

The Sea Bridge is a bottom-up movement that campaigns to create safe passage for refugees and to put an end to the mass dying at the EU’s frontiers and advocates unimpeded sea rescue.

The Sea Bridge demands a full stop to the cooperation with the so-called Libyan coast guard, which  brings people back to the worst detention camps where they face torture and abuse. Apart from that we protest the shift of the European refugee deterrence strategy to the South with the death figures continuing to rise in the Sahara desert. That is why we stand up against both the politics of the EU and that of the German government as well as against all right-wing and racist parties.

Many German cities and towns declared themselves safe harbours and with it their readiness to accept people in distress rescued in the Mediterranean. Now deeds must follow the words! There is a network of solidarity cities all over Europe.

This was made possible thanks to the collective action of hundreds of thousands of people. They are the ones we build our hope on. Their voice must be louder.

So that a Europe for All can become a Reality.