Talk: Climate and Migration


16.04.2019 at 19:00


Mannheim, Käfertaler Str. 162, 68167 Mannheim, Deutschland


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NABU Mannheim and Seebrücke Mannheim have organized a lecture on climate and migration in cooperation for the upcoming European elections.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges for mankind. This requires not only an economic and ecological approach, but also one that should be very closely linked to the social question.
Rising sea levels, floods, droughts and storms are among the consequences of climate change. It mainly affects people in the global South – producing only a fraction of the world’s emissions. Nevertheless, we in Europe are also affected and climate change should be perceived as a serious threat to all people.
Europe – as one of the largest and structurally strongest associations in the world – has the opportunity to show responsibility, partly because the EU itself is to blame for the consequences of climate change. Further consequences are also more and more migratory movements – which have always existed.

This lecture, given by a speaker from Seebrücke Mannheim, with subsequent discussion, aims to clarify the problems that climate change brings with it and to point out the causes of flight on the basis of climate change.