12.01.2019 um 14:00 in Erfurt, Fischmarkt, 99084 Erfurt, Germany Solidarity, not Isolation!

On saturday, 12th of January at 2 pm the Seebrücke Erfurt calls for a demonstration at Fischmarkt under the slogan “Solidarity, not isolation!”.

After the ships Sea-Watch 3 and Professor Albrecht Penck from the NGOs Sea-Watch and sea-eye rescued 49 people already in the end of last year, they have been blocked out for weeks and got no permission to reach safe harbour.

This Wednesday the Sea-Watch 3 and the Professor Penck were finally allowed to give over the rescued persons to the Maltese Army after the 19- and 12-days odyssey. Still the exhausted crews themselves are forbidden to enter the harbour.

We want to show solidarity with the crews of both ships.
We demand the termination of such harassment and criminalization of civil sea rescuers.
We demand safe exit routes and safe harbours.
Solidarity, not isolation!

Join us on saturday at the Fischmarkt! Show your colours: Wear Orange as a symbol of solidarity with the crews and the refugees!

#seebruecke #searescueisnotacrime #solidarity #safepassage #buildbridgesnotwalls

*** SEEBRÜCKE ist a international movement out of the civil society. We demand safe escape routes, a decriminalization of sea rescue and a humane initiation of refugees. More information: https://seebruecke.org/en/ ***