12.12.2018 um 18:30 in Kassel, Am Stern, 34117 Kassel, Germany Silent night, holy night?

Silent night, holy night?

Against night time regulations and deportation in Kassel and everywhere!

We, an alliance of Solidarity City Kassel, no one is illegal and Seebrücke Kassel, support our friends living in the transit camp in Niederzwehren in their fight against night time regulations and deportations.

“With the start of the Christmas time everywhere in Europe and right here in Kassel many people celebrate a peaceful and joyful season. But this is not the case for us refugees living in the transit camp – we don’t have a single peaceful night. Traumatized through our flight and prosecution, we’re living in permanent distress, are medically and psychologically under supplied and therefore suffer from insomnia, anxiety states and hopelessness. We have to face massive repressions by the government agencies.

This is also true for the transit camp in Kassel, Niederzwehren. Most of us live with the constant threat of deportation. We are obligated to stay in the transit camp during the nights to be available for a possible deportation. During the nights police get into the camp several times a week to deportate someone without former notice. When a person resists against the deportation, the police sometimes uses massive violence. This happens without anyone noticing. When the person cannot be found in the transit camp, the governmental support as well as the ticket for public transportation will be canceled. The person is now listed as fugitive person. Our constant fear of deportation causes insomnia. The alternative to living in the transit camps is being homeless, which means living in poverty and illegality. There’s no perspective for our lives, there’s no possibility of life getting better. On top of that we don’t have proper medical aid. If we want to have a medical treatment we face high governmental obstacles, ignoring the fact, that many of us suffer of psychological and physical conditions because of the flight and prosecution. The entrance to the transit camp is just possible with a special chip card, which electronically records the times of a person being present or absent.

A transit camp is no prison! Flight is not a crime!

We want you to join us in our protest against this inhumane practice! Let’s demonstrate together for better conditions in the transit camps, here in Kassel and everywhere! Human rights abuse happens directly in your neighborhood!

Together with Seebrücke Kassel, Solidarity City and No one is illegal we demand:

The immediate stop of the night time regulations!

The equalization of medical aid for all people living in Hessen and medical support right at the arrival of people!

The abolishment of reducing governmental support as a sanction!

A written notice of a deportation, at least three days ahead!

An immediate stop of all deportations!