Seebrücke Demonstration Heidelberg


13.04.2019 at 14:30


Heidelberg, Stadtbücherei Heidelberg


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Safe harbours! Safe escape routes!

call for the demonstration of the Seebrücke on 13.04. at 14:30, Schwanenteichanlage Heidelberg

Suspension of the EU marine mission Sophia and thus any state rescue at sea in the Mediterranean; Libyan mass dormitories for refugees in which torture is carried out, people are sold as slaves and deadly diseases rage; even before summer begins, almost 300 dead refugees in the Mediterranean. The horror reports about the suffering of asylum seekers and refugees are not stopping, but what is the Nobel Peace Prize winner the European Union and the Member State of Germany doing?

They prevent volunteers from rescuing shipwrecked people from the Mediterranean. They are so effective that in the meantime not a single civilian rescue ship has been on the Mediterranean Sea. What kind of alliance of states is this that cynically calculates that if enough people drown in the Mediterranean, the desperate refugees from Africa would no longer cross the Mediterranean? What kind of Nobel Peace Prize winner is he, who is increasingly criticised by the UNHCR for his “inhumane” policy towards refugees? The European authorities want to commit this policy of isolation and death in our name, the citizens of the European Union. They are driven by the right-wing populists in the governments of Europe, the Salvinis, the Orbans and the Seehofers. But we do not want to be the legitimizer of this policy of cynicism, inhumanity and the loss of charity, and so we will take to the streets together in the run-up to the EU elections. We do not accept that people in need in Germany are harassed by politics and hosted and attacked by racists. We raise our voices for another European society of solidarity, charity and humanity. As citizens of the EU, we demand that these values finally find their expression in the actions of the EU. We want a Europe of international law and safe havens, in which no human being has to fear being deported in need and misery, as well as a Europe of safe escape routes, which is a place of refuge for those who have to flee their homeland. Such a Europe starts with the cities. We want a Europe of cities based on solidarity and stand up for a city based on solidarity, Heidelberg, in which everyone has the same rights and where the participation of everyone – no matter where they come from – in our collective social wealth is guaranteed.

For such a Europe and an end to the blockade of sea rescue, we invite all people to demonstrate with us, the SEEBRÜCKE, on Saturday 13 April at 14:30. Our demonstration starts at the swan pond at the municipal library and we demand:

– An end to the blockade of civil sea rescue. Rescue ships like the Alan Kurdi, the Iuventa and the Lifeline must be allowed to leave immediately. The obstruction of their arrival and departure in European ports must be stopped

– A fixed distribution key for refugees in the EU in order to relieve the Mediterranean countries

– The end of the EU’s sealing off policy as expressed, for example, in the recently decided armament of the EU border protection agency Frontex. Instead, a programme of state sea rescue is needed

– the end of cooperation between the EU and its member states and Libya. The militias of the so-called “Libyan Coast Guard” force refugees into inhumane torture camps

– an end to the federal government’s blockade of the admission of additional fugitives. Dozens of cities, including Heidelberg, have already declared in the past that they are prepared to accept more refugees. The Ministry of the Interior must not stand in the way of this solidarity

– safe escape routes. Nobody who is forced to flee from his homeland to Europe must be afraid to die on the way there

– solidarity cities. Fugitives are not second-class citizens

– the prevention of the so-called “Ordered Return Act”, as Minister of the Interior Seehofer is pushing. The bill presented for this purpose restricts the rule of law, attacks the rights of fugitives and criminalises civil society in solidarity with the fugitives.