19.06.2019 um 18:00 in Trier, Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier, Deutschland Securitization of migration+ Criminalization of helpers

Securitization of Migration+ Criminalization of Helpers – The Current Situation of Civil Maritime Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea and the Development of Public Discourse in Germany

Room: B11

Speaker: Benedikt Funke.
He was captain on the sea rescue vessel “IUVENTA”, which was confiscated by the Italian authorities in 2017. He was also in action on the “AQUARIUS” of Doctors Without Borders. In the Master’s programme Peace Research and Security Policy he dealt with the design of the discourse on civil sea rescue in German media and worked out actors and contents based on the theoretical approach of securitisation. In the lecture he will present the results as well as the current situation of sea rescue and sea rescuers.