07.10.2019 um 18:30 in Erfurt, Veilchenstr. 32 Second Open Meeting: Erfurt to the Safe Harbor!

Organisiert von der Lokalgruppe Erfurt

+++ Second Open Meeting: Erfurt to the Safe Harbor! +++

We do not give up and get into the hot phase with the planning of the “safe harbour” Erfurt. Join, there is still a lot to do! Together we make Erfurt a safe harbour!

After a failed application in October 2018, we as Seebrücke Erfurt do not lose courage. We want to bring an application “Make Erfurt a safe harbour” in Erfurt city council on the way. What is a “safe harbour”? It is about an official declaration of solidarity with the Seebrücke movement and with civil sea rescuers – but also about the willingness and the commitment to take in refugees rescued from distress and to enable them to stay humanely and safe. Across Germany, more than 70 cities have already declared themselves safe harbours. Erfurt is still missing!

We invite all interested and motivated people for Monday, October 7th at 6.30 pm for the second open meeting in the Kreativtankstelle (Veilchenstraße 32). In a cozy atmosphere and with cool drinks.