Sea-Bridge: Making Mainz a safe haven


17.11.2018 at 13:00


Mainz, Bahnhofpl., Mainz, Germany


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The mediterranean Sea becomes a mass grave.Today, every fifth who risks taking the dangerous route across the mediterranean Sea – in hope for a better life – dies during passage.This means the highest death rate since records began. At least 1857 refugees have drowned over the still ongoing year, while the estimated number of unknown cases could be much higher. This is the sad result of European isolationist policy. Another main reason for this rising number is the arbitrary detention of rescue ships, like „Aquarius“, in ports where they are unable to help. People die, despite the fact that they could have been rescued. Over a period of three months, when the Maltese government forced a single rescue ship to remain in harbour, at least 500 people died at sea. Aides are being prosecuted and insulted by politicians as „people smugglers’ assistants“ or „shuttle service to Europe“.

It all sounds like a cruel and absurd tale, but it is Europe’s reality in 2018. The brutal consequence of political power struggles, is a daily rising death toll among those who try to reach Europe. This disgraceful humanitarian catastrophe must be stopped immediately. The obligation of saving people in mortal danger can and should not be negotiated!

Several German cities, such as Osnabrück and Heidelberg, have already expressed their solidarity with refugees, by declaring themselves „safe havens“. By resolutions, enacted by the respective city councils, these cities signalised their willingness to receive refugees. Mainz should become a safe haven, as well! We take a stand for this. We need an open Europe, solidary cities, and safe havens rather than deadly borders and violations of Human Rights!

Come and join us, wear orange to show your solidarity with refugees and bring your friends along. Start at: 11/17, 1 PM at Central Station, Mainz.