Rescue is not a crime 2 – action in solidarity with refugees


30.08.2018 at 16:30


Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH99 1SP, Vereinigtes Königreich


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Lives are still being lost in the Mediterranean. Civilian lifeboats are being detained, crewmembers criminalized and dragged to court. No ship is currently undertaking rescue missions near the Libyan coast. Since the beginning of the year over 1000 people have drowned there alone.

Currently, Aquarius is waiting yet again to be allowed to enter a European port after conducting another rescue north of Tunisia. It cannot be allowed that human lives are repeatedly made the plaything of the European foreclosure policy.

We demand an end to the deaths in the Mediterranean! Governments have to reestablish the right to freedom of movement and rescue. Let us stop the criminalization of refugees and sea rescue organizations.

On Thursday the 30th we will gather in front of the Scottish Parliament and fold little paper boats out of orange paper. Then, we will place the little rescue boats in the ponds in front of the Scottish Parliament.

Because nothing has changed – our demands are more relevant than ever! Sea Rescue is not a crime!

Please bring orange paper and most importantly yourself!

This Edinburgh action is one of many protests/actions that are taking place all over Europe at the end of August/beginning of September. SEEBRÜCKE/SEA BRIDGE is an international movement, supported by several civil society alliances and people. We declare our solidarity with people who are forced to flee their homes. From British and European policy makers we demand the establishment of safe routes for refugees, to stop the criminalisation of sea rescue and to receive them in a humane way whilst respecting their rights.