Open Meeting Seebrücke Hamburg


16.05.2019 at 19:00


Hamburg, Große Bergstraße 152, 22767 Hamburg, Deutschland


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Local group Hamburg

ATTENTION: The room is in the Große Bergstraße 152 on the 1st floor! Please ring the bell there. You can reach the building via the parking lot, through the bakery or from Jessenstraße.

Europe is closed off, private sea rescue ships are repeatedly blocked for political reasons, rescuers are criminalised and people are still drownding in the Mediterranean while fleeing.
We must not accept that! At our activists meetings we plan our next actions – join in, come by and become active for sea rescue. We are always happy to meet new people.

The activists meetings of the SEEBRÜCKE Hamburg take place every two weeks on Thursday at 7 pm at SOAL (Große Bergstraße 152, Altona).
ATTENTION: The room is in Große Bergstraße 152 and access is via the parking lot (through the passage at the baker’s).