07.02.2019 um 19:00 in Hamburg, Sozial & Alternativ (SOAL) bundesweiter Spitzenverband, Landesverband Hamburg e. V. Große Bergstraße 154, 22767 Deutschland Open meeting of Seebrücke

Organisiert von der Lokalgruppe Hamburg

There is currently no private rescue vessel on in the central Mediterranean, the NGO sea rescue is still being blocked for political reasons, the SeaWatch3 has not been allowed to leave the port of Catania for days, while people continue to die in flight in the Mediterranean.
We must not accept that! We are planning our next activities at the meeting of active people – join in and come by, we are always looking forward to getting to know new faces.
The next active meeting of the SEEBRÜCKE Hamburg will take place on 07.02.2019 at 19 o’clock at SOAL (Große Bergstraße 154, Altona).
ATTENTION: Access to SOAL is via the parking lot (through the passageway at the baker’s).