24.08.2019 um 13:00 in Dresden, Altmarkt Mass Protest – Unteilbar 2019

In 1989, the people of Saxony collectively took to the streets and marched under the banner “For an open country with free people.” The relevance of their message continues to endure to this day. In this coming Summer, the memories of those who marched before us will be remembered and relived.

Together we rise up against discrimination, poverty, racism, sexism, disenfranchisement, and nationalism in all forms.

Before regional elections take place in Saxony, Thuringia, and Brandenburg, we are standing up to renew our commitment to protecting a unified and vibrant society bounded by the ideals of freedom and social justice!

Democracy, human rights, and participation in society cannot be taken for granted. For them to live on, we must actively nourish and defend them on a daily basis. Gross social injustice and irresponsible environmental destruction is the result of policies that put profits and growth before human lives. These very same policies are slowly legitimizing exclusion and separation – with deadly consequences not only at the borders of the EU, but far beyond.
This is our fight and #unteilbar, as a civil alliance, will continue to use our progressive platform to fight all forms of hate, bigotry, and marginalization.

– 1 p.m. Start opening rally at Altmarkt, Dresden
– 2.30 p.m. Start protest march (about 4,6 km) from Altmarkt – Cockerwiese
– 5 p.m. Start final rally at Cockerwiese

Official website: https://www.unteilbar.org
Please donate here: https://www.unteilbar.org/spenden/

— more information will follow —