19.05.2019 um 12:00 in Hamburg, Rathausmarkt, 20095 Hamburg, Deutschland Left movement block at “Ein Europa für alle” (One Europe for all)

Organisiert von der Lokalgruppe Hamburg

One city for all – One Europe for all – One world for all!

One week before the European elections we want to send a strong signal against the right and for a different Europe together with tens of thousands of people. That is why we, initiatives and activists from various Hamburg movements, are calling for the large-scale demonstration “A EUROPE FOR ALL – YOUR VOICE AGAINST NATIONALISM” on 19 May, which will take place simultaneously in many cities.

Europe today is not a place where all people enjoy equal rights and can live in safety. Hamburg, too, is far from being a city for everyone and not just for a few privileged people.

We in Hamburg know very well that the attack on our democratic and social rights does not just come from the right, that exclusion and racism are also driven from the so-called centre of society and the ruling parties.

Hamburg is a city of millionaires. Showy wealth in the villa districts meets repression by exploding rents and the misery of the homeless on the streets. We live in a city that boasts of its liberality and openness to the world, while many refugees have to live in camps, regular deportations even to war zones take place and police checks based on racist criteria are the order of the day. We still remember exactly how at the G20 summit in our city the freedom of assembly and the freedom of movement of the citizens were sacrificed to the supposed security interests of the heads of state – and to this day no police officer has been condemned for the numerous violent attacks on protesters.

Our call for demonstration is therefore a call for protest and resistance. A Europe for all begins with a city for all and can only become a reality in a world for all. We as movements know that we cannot achieve our rights and a good life through elections alone. Positive change does not come from above, not from institutions or parties, but from below. It arises where people stand up for their rights every day and develop their solidarity with each other. There are many good examples of this in our city. Tens of thousands of people have been on the streets of Hamburg alone in recent months:

– with the Seebrücke against dying in the Mediterranean Sea and for safe escape routes

– with We’ll Come United against racism and for equal rights for all

– with the Refugee Council and the AK Hamburg hat Platz for the humanitarian reception of refugees and against the EU’s isolationist policy

– with United we Stand against repression and for solidarity with political prisoners

– with the Hamburger Bündnis gegen Rechts against the Nazi demonstrations

– with the students of the Ida-Ehre-Schule against the attempt of the AfD to isolate and criminalize anti-fascism at the schools

– with the Recht-auf-Stadt alliance against rent madness and for the expropriation of Akelius and other large housing groups

– with Fridays for Future and Ende Gelände for consistent climate protection, a quick exit from coal and the shutdown of the Moorburg power plant

We want to bring the strength and hope from these actions to the streets on May 19, one week before the European elections. We are all demonstrating together, especially with those who are denied the right to vote because of their passports.

For a city of solidarity, an open Europe and a world without borders.

This appeal is supported by (as of 29.4.2019):

Antifa Altona Ost
Aktionskreis Hamburg hat Platz
Aufstehen gegen Rassismus Hamburg
Auschwitz-Komitee in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V.
Ende Gelände Hamburg
Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg
Hamburger Bündnis gegen Rechts
Interventionistische Linke
NAV-DEM Demokratisches Gesellschaftszentrum der KurdInnen in Deutschland
Offener Stadtteiltreff gegen Rechts Hamburg-Harburg
Ottenser Gespräche zu Flucht und Migration
Sea Watch
Seebrücke Hamburg
United We Stand
Voz Latina

further supporters please write to: kontakt@seebruecke-hamburg.de

19 May, 12 noon, Rathausmarkt, Hamburg

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