Film screening “Newcomers” and conversation


13.05.2019 at 18:30


Erfurt, Nordhäuser Str. 63, 99089 Erfurt, Deutschland


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AntiRa Campus Erfurt, the Refugee Law Clinic and Seebrücke Erfurt will show the film “Newcomers” on 13.05.2019 at 18:30 in lecture hall 3 (teaching building 1). Director Ma’an Mousali will be there after the film to answer questions.

“Newcomers” is a documentary film in which refugees tell their own stories. Young and old, people of different faiths, different sexes and sexual orientation; people with and without disabilities. People from over eight different countries.

In 29 interviews, their stories enter into a dialogue with each other. They tell stories of tragedy, but also of beauty and hope: About persecution, war and the circumstances of flight, but also about dreams and childhood memories, about the constant struggle for freedom and dignity.

In spite of all the differences, outlines of a basic experience of life in exile emerge. How does it feel to enter a new society? Where to put the past, the memories of what was? What does it mean to be a “refugee” in Germany?

Director Ma’an Mouslli created a very moving film from a total of about one hundred interviews with people who now live in Germany, which offers intensive insights into the lives of refugees.

Admission is free.

A film by Ma’an Mouslli
Produced by: Sara Höweler
Sound: Patrick Hinnenkamp
Music: Dima Orsho
Interviews: Ma’an Mouslli, Arezao Naiby, Sara Höweler
Editorial team: Nermeen Alkhodari, Eugenie Becker, Yasmin Behrens, Sarah Bhatti, André Grahle, Shari Heuer, Jara Hofmann, Laura Lemmer, Arezao Naiby, Ahmed Saleh, Sandra Sperling, Jonas Thiele

Germany 2018
63 min, FSK: 12 yrs.

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