Event Olten


30.08.2018 at 19:00


Olten, Kirchgasse, 4600 Olten, Schweiz


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VIGIL AUGUST 30th 2018
7 to 10 p.m.
For months now, all around the Mediterranean sea, sea rescue organisations are being criminalised.

People are drowning, while rescue ships/boats are being held back in the harbours. European harbours are closed for refugees. People in need are sent back to Lybia. Alone in June and July 2018, 851 people have drowned. Children, women, men, young and elderly, all desperately searching for a life in safety. And the world stays silent. „Pro Asyl“ is counting 1522 registed drowned since the beginning of the year. And by far not all who died in the sea have been registered.
Should we accept political fights and discussions pushing further the closure of boarders? While people are dying in the the sea? That is not our europe! It‘s time for a Europe in humanity, safe harbours, decriminalization of sea rescues.

We will hold a vigil to remember the victims. We will light candles to remember them. To show they‘re not forgotten. And to express our outrage about avoiding any help to rescue them. We will not accept these deaths in the Mediterranen Sea.