25.08.2018 at 14:00


München, Europaplatz, 81675 München, Deutschland


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Sea rescue is not negotiable – denial of assistance is a crime!

We declare our solidarity with all refugees!

Every day, sea-unworthy boats leave the countries of northern Africa trying to reach Europe. People are forced to flee due to the living conditions they are facing in their home countries and
attempt the life-threatening crossing of the Mediterranean. Only a few nauticalmiles off the shore they get in distress. But nobody comes to their rescue!

According to the UNHCR, in June and July 2018 alone, 851 people have died during their escape over the Mediterranean. Since the beginning of 2018, more than 1500 people have drowned. Almost all ships which are run by private rescue organizations have been blocked from leaving their harbours. For those ships who admit refugees in distress on board, access to harbours is denied. The authorities of the European states block private sea rescue systematically. Politicians like Seehofer, Salivini, or Kruz justify the acceptance of human deaths as a measure of deterrence.

The dying in the Mediterranean is a political goal and is as such tolerated by the EU. This assault on human dignity and fundamental rights, as well as on international maritime law is an attack on all of us! It is our duty to resist these actions at all possible levels!

After weeks of political actions and demonstrations throughout Germany, we wish for all of Europe to unitedly take the protest to the streets during the week between the 25th of August and the 2nd of September.

As the beginning of this pan-European action, we are organizing a large-scale demonstration in Munich – please help us and come to the Europaplatz at the 25th of August at 2pm.