European flight defence and its consequences


14.05.2019 at 19:00


Trier, 11, Karl-Marx-Straße, 54290 Trier, Deutschland


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Lecture & discussion with Thomas Osten Sacken

European foreign policy has long been guided by the maxim that mass migration must be prevented by all means, as in 2015. And by “all means” we mean the deployment of the military in Africa, agreements with dictators and despots and the systematic closure of external borders. The worse it is for refugees to travel, so the cynical calculation, the more people consider whether they want to take the road to Europe. In Libya, for example, it is not the often life-threatening trip across the Mediterranean that awaits many, but enslavement. Here, refugees are regarded as fair game, from which various militias try to squeeze as much profit as possible. And also the escape routes via Turkey are largely dense; those who make it expect camps in Greece, which Medicins sans Frontiéres called “hell on earth”.

Thomas von der Osten-Sacken, long-time managing director of the aid organisation Wadi e.V., will report in his lecture on the European flight defence and its consequences.