13.07.2019 um 13:00 in Bayreuth, Herkulesbrunnen am Marktplatz Demonstration – Build Bridges not Walls!

Organisiert von der Lokalgruppe Bayreuth

Between 1 January and 22 May 2019, according to IOM, 512 people died fleeing across the Mediterranean. Throughout 2018, the UNHCR reported an incredible 2,275 deaths. For every fifth refugee who arrives in Europe, there is one drowning person. (SeaWatch)

Instead of doing everything we can to save human lives, we are experiencing a low point in solidarity and compassion on the part of the European nation states. People are rejected into Libyan torture camps, under orders and subsidised by the EU. Civilian sea rescue ships, such as the Sea Watch 3, are prevented for weeks from reaching a safe harbour with rescued people. To make matters worse, the sea rescue workers* who save human lives are threatened with imprisonment and immense fines.

Dying in the Mediterranean is accepted by the EU and its Member States and promoted by their policies. This violation of international maritime law and attack on human rights is of concern to us all! It must be countered at all levels! It is high time we took action!

Therefore we call on 13.7. to the demonstration in Bayreuth! The demonstration begins at 13 o’clock at the Herkulesbrunnen at the market place.

We demand the decriminalisation and strengthening of sea rescue, combating the causes of flight, safe escape routes and a European Union that shows solidarity and offers protection to refugees.

We want bridges, not walls!



– Use the color orange to recognize us! It symbolizes the color of the life jackets of sea rescue rescuers*.

– Be loud and show solidarity!


– No “Blackfacing”! We at the SEEBRÜCKE do not want to be associated with this and distance ourselves from it.

– Imitation and dying of dying/drinking etc.
We don’t want to give the impression that we can even begin to feel what people on the run across the Mediterranean experience, not to mention drowning. Therefore it is NOT in the sense of the movement to recreate the death struggle.

– No pictorial language with corpses

– No place for Nazis and violence