15.09.2018 um 13:00 in Amsterdam, Dam, 1012 JS Amsterdam, Niederlande Demonstratie: een menselijk asielbeleid nu!

The borders are closed hermetically throughout the world.

More than 30,000 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean in recent decades. This number will only increase now that lifeboats are actively hindered by EU Member States in their work.

Tens of thousands of refugees are trapped on the Greek islands and in Italy without prospects for further travel. And instead of closing the degrading refugee camps in Libya and Turkey, the EU decides to build more of these camps. The right to asylum is therefore a dead letter.

Once in the Netherlands, the inhumane treatment of people who flee from war and oppression or is looking for a better life does not stop. Families who have lived here for more than five years are expelled without mercy. Refugees who are not allowed to stay, but can not return, end up on the street or in the cell. Procedures are slow and aim to send as many people as possible out of the country. Under pressure from a loud minority, politicians do not seem to dare to take up the reception and decent treatment of people in need. Middle parties also use anti-refuge rhetoric to divert attention from their spending cuts. They pretend that refugees are to blame for the housing shortage and the poor care. This inhumane asylum policy only gives the extreme right more self-confidence.

This is why we express ourselves in solidarity with refugees and demands:

– Europe is not a fortress: safe routes now!

– Stop evictions to unsafe countries and minors and their relatives!

– No to scapegoat politics!