01.09.2018 um 15:00 in Mainz, Gutenbergpl., 55116 Mainz, Deutschland Demo in Mainz: European Protests: Build Bridges not Walls

The protest continues!
While the Italian government still won’t let those in desperate need of our help after an arduous journey to Sizily from a ship of his own coast guard, the Austrian Chancellor argues for even further isolation of Fortress Europe. While people still die every day during their way to Europe, the German government stays silent.
This is a direct consequence of the shift to the right our politics. Beyond the fostering of hate with demagogic rhetoric, it is endangering and costing human lives on a daily basis. All the while the majority of private rescue ships is still locked down at harbors in Italy, Spain and Malta.
The EU is accepting the daily loss of life in the Mediterranean. This is an assault not only against our constitution or the law of the sea but rather against the inviolable dignity of all men, against us all. Thus it is our duty to oppose this at every turn with every means available to us.
After weeks of events and demonstrations all over Germany, we want to stand united all over Europe and head to the streets in the week of 25th August until 2nd September.
We urge all of you to come on 1st September at 3pm to the Gutenbergplatz in Mainz, so we may say loud and clear: Mainz will not stand by idly anymore! We will march together to the central station and several speakers will address the rally.
Bring your friends and family, be loud and wear orange to show your solidarity with refugees!
As the head of the AfD, Alexander Gauland, will hold a rally in Mainz on the same day, the demonstration will continue afterwards and head to the Helmut-Kohl-Platz with the motto “No Gauland in Mainz”: https://www.facebook.com/events/2226646314234575/
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