06.03.2019 um 16:00 in Jena, Stadtzentrum/Holzmarkt, 07743 Jena, Germany Demo

About six people drown in the Mediterranean everyday. They cannot stay in their homelands because of war, crimes against humanity and also the threat of the climate crisis. But the European Union is closing its borders. Even though, we bring up the most reasons to flee in the form of armaments exports, credulity and white-middle-european convenience, rescue programs are discontinued and the rulers and leaders of the EU trust the so-called libyan coastwatch, which however is more likely to torture the people and sell them as slaves than rescue them. Civil rescue missions are hampered and criminalised. That has nothing to do with humane foreign policy!
We will no longer participate in such a system! Jena should become a safe harbour and these procedures should end – immediately! Demonstrate with us at March 6th and show, that you don’t agree!