24.08.2019 um 3:00 in Münster, Busbahnhof Münster am Gleis22 Bus journey from Münster to #unteilbar demonstration in Dresden

Join the anti-fascist and anti-racist block at the #unteilbar demonstration in Dresden.

we want to hold on to one thing with NIKA Bayern: “… not least; some of our best friends live in Saxony” politically that means for us: to create and defend solidarity.
You can find an excerpt from our call and statement below:

>>Information about the bus journey <<

Outward journey: Münster (via Osnabrück) to Dresden
Date: 24 August
Departure: 3.00 a.m.
Meeting point: 2.45 a.m.
Location: Bus station Münster am Gleis22

Return journey: Dresden (via Osnabrück) to Münster
Date: 24 August
Departure: approx. 21 o’clock
Location: will be announced soon

>> tickets <<<

Tickets can be purchased daily from 12 August to 19 August at the
Frauenstrasse 24 (F24 restaurant).
(Just ask at the counter)

>> ticket prices <<<

So that as many people as possible can travel to Dresden with us, we offer different ticket prices:
Reduced: 15 Euro
Middle: 25 Euro
Soli: 30 Euro
(All tickets include return journey)


On 1.9 the AfD will celebrate, there we must have no illusions. Whether as the strongest or the second strongest force – the forecasts for the Saxony elections are either way to be feared. Just as to fear the continuing strategy of bourgeois parties – like CDU GREENS and SPD – the AfD with ?good? arguments is to be convinced or unmasked. On the one hand, this strategy has led to the AfD now standing where it stands and, on the other, to those parties in the supposed centre diligently helping to build an authoritarian state. The positions of the AfD were adopted and implemented: fewer rights for migrants* and asylum seekers*, more deportations, rearmament of the police state, the expansion of Fortress Europe and much more were put into practice and transformed into “legitimate concerns”.
We must not forget that the shift to the right is not a phenomenon that has arisen from nothing. Authoritarian desires are inherent in this society. Social inequalities, which are propagated by the new fascists* as conflicts between “inside and outside”, arise from a system which is based on pressure to perform, exclusion and crisis and which was exacerbated by the parties of the so-called centre. There can be no real change without a change in the system.
These conditions are particularly evident in Saxony. While countless Saxon cities have become ciphers for right-wing violence, on the other hand funds for progressive and democratic institutions are being cut. The next step backwards is now threatening Saxony: a coalition between CDU and AfD can no longer be ruled out. That’s why it’s important to break through the ongoing status quo – to make it clear that the AfD must not be negotiated as a democratic partner.[…]]

You can find the complete call & statement on our blog at: https://eklatmuenster.blackblogs.org/2019/08/10/aufruf-zur-solidaritaet-aufruf-zur-verteidigung/