08.09.2018 um 20:00 in Lissabon, Praça Dom Pedro IV, 1100-200 Lisboa, Portugal Build bridges, not walls: People before borders

On the 8th of September 2018 we repeat our People before Borders Protest, in solidarity with the Seebrücke protests throughout Europe.

Create safe harbors: Build bridges, not walls!

At the moment boats continue to leave the Libyan shore, with people putting their lives in danger in order to cross the Mediterranean. At sea, all those on board are in distress and there is hardly anyone left to help: meanwhile almost all ships chartered by private rescue organizations have been moored in ports for flimsy reasons. More than 1546 migrants died in the Mediterranean Sea in the first half of this year. In 2017, at least 3.000 migrants drowned, together with their dreams for a better life in Europe. (Missing Migrants Project: 23.08.2018).

Most European leaders seem to have their ears, eyes and conscience shut for the tragedy happening since years at the borders of Europe, where the values which they proclaim are thrown overboard. Moreover, seeking to keep migrants from entering into Europe, the EU cooperates with unstable states like Libya and with autocratic leaders (Turkey, Sudan, Eritrea etc.), where human rights are utterly disregarded. European politicians such as Seehofer, Salvini, and Kurz are systematically blocking private rescues at sea and are consciously accepting the deaths of many more people.

We condemn this double-standard and want to remind people that humans are entitled to Freedom of Movement and Asylum, sharing equal rights no matter where they were born.

We condemn the European Union’s policy of assisting the Libyan coast guard to intercept and return migrants in so called push-back actions into Libya, where asylum seekers meet dire conditions.

We condemn the treatment of asylum seekers in the camps in Libya and throughout Europe, where the threat of exploitation, hunger and sexual abuse is part of life in a system financed by the European Union.

As conscience gets numb with all the bad news and lost lives become anonymous numbers, let’s shake off the lethargy of thinking we can not do something about the misery created by wars, borders, nationalism and ignorance. On the 8th of September 2018 in Rossio Square, we demand safe passage, decriminalization of sea rescue, and a humane welcome for people who have had to flee or are still on the run. Nobody flees without reason. Create cities of solidarity that provide decent care and the right to participation, education and work. Create safe harbors: Build bridges, not walls!

We support the European Citizens’ Initiative #WelcomingEurope! A European Citizens’ Initiative is the strongest means of direct democracy in Europe. If this petition receives one million signatures from citizens in at least seven EU countries, the European Commission is obliged to hear our demands.

Your signature counts: weareawelcomingeurope.eu