27.08.2018 um 12:30 in Brighton, Brighton, Vereinigtes Königreich Build Bridges Not Walls – COVER a Car and Protest Drive

Join us on Monday (originally Sunday, but rain) for our “Decorated Car Driving Protest” against the criminalisation of Sea Rescue, and demand that European governments provide safe passage for the many people fleeing danger. (Read more details about the cause below.)

Come and join a Protest Drive through the streets of Brighton in our car which we can COMPLETELY COVER in Banners, Messages, Fabric, paint – anything we can think of! The crazier it is the better! Literally ANYTHING AT ALL we can get onto this car. (We can also be in the car as we drive holding banners / ribbons out of the windows.)

We will meet somewhere first to decorate the car, make banners etc, and then go for a drive around Brighton playing attention grabbing music, taking photos of the car in different places and generally getting the message out there.

BRING: anything orange, old sheets, paint, string, rope, glue, big toys, old furniture, banners, posters, pens, basically anything eye catching at all! And anything you can think of that we can attach to a car.
*A decent camera to take videos / photos if you have one.

WEAR: Orange if you can…. Especially if you want to come along for the protest drive in the finished car.

MAKE: A protest playlist…. got any ideas for music we can play loud whilst driving that will attract attention? Possibly related to the sea? Angry music? Something unusual? Something uplifting? Open to your creative suggestions!!

I can collect you if you have lots of materials to use but cant bring them with you. Or if you are free earlier on Sunday morning to help with decorating then please get in touch!

My number: 07720084758 – please call me if you have any creative ideas or can help with prep, or have money to donate to buy paint / materials!

We are getting involved in this event to show solidarity and to support “Sea Breuke” who have already been working tirelessly to raise awareness and attempt to get European Governments to ACT. I personally often feel helpless in the face of all of the terrible things happening around the World, and am keen to use this opportunity to get involved and raise awareness for the people who really desperately need help.