Artists Care About Bridges – Fundraising Club Night


13.12.2018 at 22:00


Berlin, Acud Macht Neu Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin


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Under the current social and political climate, in which the rise of ever more global nationalism and political backwardness is strengthened daily, we as artists, curators, activists and people need literal and metaphorical bridges to stand united and to take action together. To launch the collaboration ARTISTS CARE ABOUT BRIDGES, we organize a kick off FUNDRAISING CLUB NIGHT with a pumping line up.


… aka Neda Sanai is a Berlin based DJ & and producer that moves in the queer underground scene of Europe. With their skillful mixing of different club genres, including rap, R&B, bass music, Jersey club, 2 step, all mixed up in an ocean of twisted pop Acapella, the vibe is always intense-warped-sexy.

Sasha Perera, aka Perera Elsewhere, is a polyglot, if there ever were one. Her music proclivities are not resigned only to her output under that name on Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends or to her previous work she did as a member of Berlin-based globalist club project Jahcoozi. Perera also DJs and when she does, its all about bass music. Rooted in her love of UK sounds, she delivers a banquet selection of contemporary club sounds from all over the world to keep the bodies popping and people hungry.

Techno Excursions

AKMê [://about blank]
Akmês sets are known for their diversity. They are profound improvisational odysseys, which explore deep planes of emotions. Simply put: Techno with groove.

Admission: 6-10€

ARTISTS CARE ABOUT BRIDGES is a collaboration of activists that was conceived by cultural manager Kathrin Pohlmann and artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan, joined by the curators Pauline Doutreluingne and Petra Poelzl (Karma Ltd. Extended) and supported by Bioland Herbarium Leipzig and Acud Macht Neu. Build a bridge by extending your hand and joining us in creating an open, inclusive and progressive Europe.

DO 13.12 ACUD CLUB 22h 6-10€
Artists Care About Bridges – Fundraising Clubnight
Nedalot, Perera Elsewhere, DJ Residue, akme