Antiracist orange block #unteilbar


13.10.2018 at 12:00


Berlin, 10178 Berlin, Deutschland


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Build Bridges not Walls.
We are many and we are everywhere. Over the last months, we have painted orange what others would like to turn bleak.
Because it is clear: Migration has existed at all times. No matter what the ‘homeland minister’ Seehofer would like to make us believe. Fleeing cannot be stopped and is certainly no crime. Freedom of movement is not up for negotiation. What is a crime, however, is to leave people to drown in the Mediterranean. Those in charge of the deadly defense against migration should be brought before the court, not sea rescuers.
The fundamental problem is racism. When Nazis attack people in Chemnitz, when the goverment deports refugees to Afghanistan, and when refugees are put in camps outside of public life, the underlying pattern remains the same.
On October 13, we will take to the streets with tens of thousands of people and demand an open and solidary society at the #indivisible (#unteilbar) demonstration. In a large orange block of antiracist and migrants’ initiatives, we will oppose deportations, exclusion and racism. We will stand up for freedom of movement, open borders, and solidarity cities.
What are you waiting for, join us! Grab your favorite orange clothes or paint a sign. And then let us demand together: Sea rescue not Seehofer!