19.02.2019 um 17:00 in Bremen, Herrlichkeit 2, 28199 Bremen, Deutschland Action week #FreeTheShips Netherlands

As part of the action week #FreeTheShips we will meet on Tuesday, 19.02. in front of the Dutch Consulate in Bremen.

The flag state of Sea Watch 3 is currently investigating the Sea Watch rescue organisation. The ship allegedly is not designed for longer stays of people. Right! It is a rescue ship not a hotel ship.
Malta and Italy are keeping their ports closed for NGO rescue ships until the reception of those rescued from distress at sea has been clarified. Thus they make the long stay of refugees necessary. Europe is sealing itself off at the expense of people seeking protection. We do not want to accept this unchallenged!

So come in large numbers and support our demands for a Europe of solidarity, the decriminalisation of sea rescue and the end of dying in the Mediterranean.