Background of the SEEBRÜCKE

The SEEBRÜCKE movement was founded at the end of June 2018, when the “Lifeline” with 234 people on board had to wait days on the high seas and could not dock in any European port. At that time, several cities and countries had already offered to take the people rescued by the “Lifeline”.

But instead of acknowledging solidarity within the population, European politicians such as Seehofer, Salvini and Kurz exploit the suffering of the people to carry out their own power struggles. They are violating international human rights. This is intolerable and disgusting.

Out of indignation at this state of affairs, some activists who have been working full-time and on an honorary basis in the refugee aid for years have organized themselves into a messenger group. Within a few days, the SEEBRÜCKE movement grew out of this and many people throughout Germany joined it. More than 300,000 people have taken to the streets in the name of SEEBRÜCKE up to today.

In these minutes, hours and days boats continue to leave Libya. Many people will receive no help because, due to the criminalisation of sea rescue, there are almost no ships in the Mediterranean at the moment. The deaths of people will thus be accepted by politicians. This is an incomprehensible humanitarian catastrophe that must be prevented.

We do not want less rescue, but much, much more!