The idea of SEEBRUECKE is that people everywhere can join and plan their own actions. If you wish, you can use our graphics and name so that all events are part of SEEBRUECKE. We’re happy to list your events on our channels and to help spread them.

On this page we have collected things you might need to start a demonstration or action in your own area as quickly as possible. If you have further questions, just send us an email at

You are also very welcome to create your own materials and, for example, only use our logo. The orange we use has the color code #dc6e28, and our font is WORK in Regular & Black

Important Links

🔗 Form to tell us about your action/demo
🔗 All demos and actions of SEEBRUECKE
🔗 Call to Action of the European Protests: Build Bridges not Walls! 25.8 – 02.9.2018
There’s no international Facebookgroup yet, but feel free to start one!

Graphic Design

🔗 View color
📁 Download font
📁 Here you can find all graphic files individually for download
📁 Here you can find all graphic files as ZIP